RLE China’s core competences lie in its vehicle development expertise in the fields of body,
exterior and interior design and development, chassis tuning, vehicle test plan and execution.
EV and light weight solutions are also our focus as Chinese government
is seriously promoting electric vehicle's development and production.


  • D&D

    Design & Development

    The RLE INTERNATIONAL Group is one of the world’s leading development, technology and consulting service providers to the international mobility and energy industries.
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  • Testing & Service

    Testing & Service

    We provide various services: road test, customized test, vehicle retrofit, benchmark study, marketing research and aftersales service throughout vehicle development processes.
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  • Staffing


    A large number of new staff will be needed due to the rapid development of the project.
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  • Engineering Services and Mule Car Manufacturing Services

    Engineering Services and Mule Car Manufacturing Services

    Integrating global resources, based on the actual needs of customers, creating exclusive implementation plans for customers in terms of project implementation and technical solutions.
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